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#11 A System Design for Co2 Capture with Hydrogen and Methanol Production in a Cement Plant / Ibrahim Akgun and Ibrahim Dincer
#23 Biohydrogen and Biomethane Production Using An Integrated Bioelectrochemical and Anaerobic Digestion Reactor From Poplar and Cow Manure Wastes / Ahmet Faruk Kilicaslan, Aysegul Kara, Ibrahim Dincer and Ali Khalvati
#36 Design of a Novel Solar-Based Sustainable Energy System with Energy Storage / Ayse Sinem Meke and Ibrahim Dincer
#39 Electric Airplane Energy Storage and PEM Fuel Cell Island Airport Microgrid Load Frequency Control / Cem Haydaroglu
#43 Design and Simulation ofa Novel Copper-Chlorine Thermochemical Cycle for Hydrogen Production / Sibel Uygun Batgi and Ibrahim Dincer
#62 Design of an Integrated Multigenerational Energy System for Oleic Acid and Hydrogen Production / Kubilay Karayel and Ibrahim Dincer
#64 Electrolytic Hydrogen Production with Coaxial Cylinder Electrolyzers: A CFD Study / Mohamed M. Ismail and Ibrahim Dincer
#65 Design and Analysis of a New Multigeneration System for a Hospital / Andre Bolt, Ibrahim Dincer and Martin Agelin-Chaab
#74 An Integrated Plant for Urea and Ammonium Acetate Production Designed with Renewables / Zunayed Zakir Arnab and Ibrahim Dincer
#91 Green Hydrogen Production System for A Village / Inci Eroglu, Harun Koku and Esra Gül Sendesen
#92 Techno-Economic Analysis of Green Hydrogen Integration in Smart Grids: Pathways to Sustainable Energy Systems / Muhammad Raza Zaffar, Mohsin Raza Zaffar, Sulman Shahzad and Heybet Kilic
#98 Case Study of a Self-Powered Building Using Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier / Inci Eroglu, Harun Koku and Mine Keles
#117 Green Hydrogen: A Keystone in Pathways to Decarbonized Offshore Power Transmission – Technologies, Policies, and Future Directions / Yusuf Yurtsever, Jalal Sahebkar Farkhani and Heybet Kilic
#125 Design and Theoretical-Economic Analysis of Hydrogen Storage Power System : The Case of Dicle University / Faruk Barlaz, Cem Haydaroğlu, Yahya Akıl and Heybet Kilic
#143 Determining the Hybrid Energy Potential of Türkiye’s Blue Homeland in the Aegean Sea / Soner Çelikdemir and Mahmut Temel Özdemir
#144 Strategic Importance of Hydrogen within the Scope of Turkey’s New Century Vision / Mehmet Fırat Doğan
#180 A Recurrent Neural Network Model Predictive Control (RNN-MPC) Strategy for Efficient Energy Management in Hybrid Battery-Hydrogen Systems / Sulman Shahzad and Heybet Kilic
#181 Model-Free Predictive Control of a Hydrogen Energy Nano Grid System / Sulman Shahzad and Heybet Kilic
#183 Green Hydrogen: Innovations, Challenges, and Opportunities in a Low-Carbon World / Sulman Shahzad and Heybet Kilic
#187 Hydrogen and Hydrogen Technologies in Healthcare Institutions / Duygu Yıldırım, Cem Haydaroğlu, Burak Yıldırım, Mahmut Temel Özdemir and Ozan Erdinc
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#209 Investigation of the Photocatalytic Activity of Pd(0) NPs-Decorated Benzene Ring Doped Nanosheet g-C3N4 (Pd@BD-g-C3N4) in the Hydrolysis Reaction of Ammonia Borane / Halil İbrahim Önal and Feyyaz Durap
#213 Power Flow Control for Renewable Energy Hydrogen based Dual Active Bridge used DC Microgrids / Heybet Kilic and  Mehmet Emin Asker
#214 Utilizing Battery-Super Capacitor Energy Storage for Hybrid Photovoltaic, Wind, and Fuel Cell Systems / Mehmet Emin Asker
#215 Improving Power Quality in Microgrids with PEM Electrolyzer/Fuel Cell System / Heybet Kilic
#222 Evaluation of Hydrogen Transportation by Trucks in terms of Occupational Health and Safety: A Preliminary Hazard Analysis / Mehmet Tunç and Ramazan Solmaz
#223 Safety Risks in Solar-Hydrogen Energy System: Fine Kinney Risk Analysis / Mustafa Doğrubaş, Mehmet Tunç, İbrahim Yasin Erdoğan and Ramazan Solmaz
#227 The Energy Trilemma Approach Assessment of Hydrogen Production Potential in Türkiye / Kadir Akgün, Bestami Özkaya and Fatma Zehra Küçük
#229 Production of Black Phosphorus Doped Metal Chalcogen Hybrid Materials and Their Use in Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production / Ecem Demirel, Bahadır Keskin and Atıf Koca
#230 Smale-Scale Electricity Generation with Biohydrogen using PEM Fuel Cell / Bugra Yilmaz, Barbaros Durmus and Muhsin Tunay Gencoglu
#231 Integrated System Design that Produces Electricity with Solar, Wind, Hydrogen and Biomass Energy / Bugra Yilmaz and Muhsin Tunay Gencoglu
#194 Classification of Organic and Recyclable Waste used in Green Hydrogen Production with Deep Learning Models / Hüseyin Fırat