Special Session

In this specialized session, company executives or representatives will have the opportunity to make presentations about their companies, technologies, products and/or services in the field of hydrogen technologies.

Confirmed Speakers (Listed alphabetically according to company names):


Name of the Presenter Institute / Organization / Company Position
Emre ATA Aspilsan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Development Center Manager
Mehmet Fatih KAYA Bataryasan Enerji General Manager
Aziz KILIÇ  BCS Enerji Mühendislik Co-founder
Yusuf Can UZ Filament Technology CEO
Hüseyin DEVRIM TEK-SİS General Manager
Ela AYRAL TÜPRAŞ R&D Researcher |Project & incentives Management- Clean Hydrogen Team
Şehmus ALTAN Zorlu Enerji Business Development Manager
Seda Giray Özen Anton Paar Application and Sales Specialist