Yusuf Has Hacip

(writer, poet and statesman)

Yusuf Has Hacip, who lived in Karahanli State period, was born in Balasagun city in 1017. His family is estimated to be one of the notables of the period. He received his first education in Balasagun. He was called as “Balasagunlu Yusuf (Yusuf from Balasagun)” before he was entitled as “Has Hacip”. He wrote his famous book Kutadgu Bilig promoting him all over the world in his 50. He nearly immortalized with his book he completed in 18 months.He presented such immortal book to Karahanli ruler Ulug Kara Bugra Khan, going to Kaşgar in 1070. Ulug Bugra Khan, who was also interested in literature and art, after having read the book in the palace, entitled Balasagunlu Yusuf as “Ulug Has Hacip”. Balasagunlu Yusuf, who was gratified with the help of grand vizier of Karahanli State, became famous as Yusuf Has Hacip during his office as deputy grand vizier.

Yusuf Has Hacib, who was a distinguished scientist and writer of his age, is the first Turkish writer whose Islamic Turkish literature book reached today.

Yusuf Has Hacib passed away in 1077. His grave is in Kaşgar, which is one of the most important cities of Eastern Turkistan under Chinese invasion.


Yusuf Has Hacib’s famous work, written in 1069-1070. In the Islamic era, Turkish Language and Literature, as well as the history of Turkish Culture is a politician can never neglect.Kutadgu Bilig, in terms of politics and culture, constitutes a very important stage of the Turkish-Islamic neighborhood.